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Our Products

Draped Recycled Paper Pencil ( Pack of 3 )

₹ 300 (30 pencils)

Draped Newspaper Pencil ( Pack of 3 )

₹ 270 (30 pencils)

Draped Recycled Paper Pencil ( Pack of 5 )

₹ 500 (50 pencils)

Draped Newspaper Pencil ( Pack of 5 )

₹ 450 (50 pencils)

Recycled Paper Pencil ( Pack of 3 )

₹ 180 (30 pencils)

News Paper Pencil ( Pack of 3 )

₹ 210 (30 pencils)

Recycled Paper Pencil ( Pack of 5 )

₹ 300 (50 pencils)

News Paper Pencil ( Pack of 5 )

₹ 350 (50 pencils)


15-20 billion

pencils are produced every year

And a whooping

400k trees are cut.

The conventional way of manufacturing pencils involves cutting of trees to procure wood, then processing which involves machines creating pollution and finally non-toxic chemicals are also involved in the making of these pencils.

Solution-Sustainable and
eco-friendly products

As the saying goes ‘small changes can create wonders’, similarly eco-friendly and sustainable pencils will contribute largely towards an environment sensitive living. Eco-friendly pencils require simple materials which can be easily procured and does not involve any machines for manufacturing.

How can you benefit?

Eco friendly products being durable saves on cost.
Being biodegradable and decomposable, promotes clean and safe environment.
More flexibility as they can be re-shaped and re-purposed.

About Us

greenr is a company offering sustainable products concentrating on the concept of clean and better environment. We offer pencils which are made of recycled, eco-friendly and sustainable products. To create a global friendly environment, greenr pencils provides a smooth, clear and better quality of writing which is also non-toxic and pollution free. Our aim is to encourage the importance of sustainable products and how they help in creating an eco-friendly environment. Let’s start this drive by greenr pencils.

Inculcate the spirit of an eco-friendly environment and nurture the creativity with sustainable Greener Pencils! Get your pack today.

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